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Bought this really cool paper weight yesterday.


The graphics and lettering is all hand-painted on to the glass block. Named to a George Cumption, Jr.





























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That is cool, I personally don't see much 329th stuff around. I have a helmet liner with a painted name and captain's bars that has a 329th decal on one side and a 83rd decal overlaid with a 70th Division decal on the other side.

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I love these things. I've had a few of them in my collection. Unique to the 329th.

Always searching for items from 83rd Div (WWII), 3rd Div (Korea), and anything related to the Civil War in Arkansas or Missouri! Will buy or trade!


In memory of Pvt Roland L. Gates, Co G, 2nd Bn, 15th Inf, 3rd Division. KIA 15 June 1953 defending Outpost Harry.





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