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Good Evening,

I recently acquired this interesting piece of aviation history. I believe it is a World War 1 dated 1918 Balaclava. I've never seen one of these before so I'm not sure how rare they are does anyone have an idea of the value of this piece. Either way I hope someone can provide more information on it. Thank you for looking. - Nick K





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Hi Nick,


Yes, a rare find indeed! There is a photo of a similar artifact in Mick Prodger's book Vintage Flying Helmets. These fetch good money and I'd insure it at $500-$600 as these rarely come on the market, but it would likely sell for a little less given that, in the pictures at least, there appears to be some mothing.


Hope this helps,





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Advance Guard Militaria sold a tagged example in 2010 for $395. Photo of it attached.





Top dollar paid for WWI AEF Tank Corps uniforms, medal groups, equipment and photos,
unit histories and rosters...especially anything associated with

301st (Heavy) Tank Bn
Drop me an email and let me know what you have.



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