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Odd"JQMD 1942 canteen cover


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I hate to use the word "odd" but this time I have to. Here's a JQMD 1942 canteen cover that fits the "odd" category. It's not made of the usual heavy canvas but instead of a very light weight cotton poplin type material. And it has the green wool lining that I would usually only expect to see in the 1934-35 dated mounted canteen covers. Being that it's made at Jefferson Quartermaster Depot I have to assume that it was a test for the use of other materials than the standard canvas. It appears to have been issued as it has a laundry number on the bottom. The JQMD 1942 marking is on the back running vertical next to the seam.


jqmd 1.JPG

jqmd 2.JPG

jqmd 3.JPG

jqmd 4.JPG

jqmd 5.JPG

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Hi Robin,


Nice example!


We have a couple of threads on these odd covers, which are made of some twill that seems to also show up on early Parsons jackets and M1928 haversacks. I would get the links to those discussions to post here, but I'm unable to at the moment. I have not exclusively tried to look for these covers, but I haven't seen more than a dozen in a two+-year period. Hard to find.



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'Flage Guy

RC, I'll bet this is the discussion (one of them, anyway) you're thinking of:




These denim Covers are really neat, and most definitely rare; here's one mounted to a "Meese 1942" Rucksack which is also made of denim.




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That is the first pattern JQMD 1942 cover. Notice that the center seam runs the full length of the back side of the canteen cover. This construction was done on all the m1910 covers pre WWI up to 1941 and only on the 1942 JQMD early covers.

The second pattern or do they call it the M1942 canteen covers? but on the 1942 JQMD and other wwii canteen covers the center seam on back runs from the top opening to the top of belt hook pad. The second pattern 1942 JQMD covers were done in the gray green canvas color.


JQMD had problems trying to figure out which patterns to use on their canvas construction just look at their 1942 first aid pouches.

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