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Im looking for info on this BC-939-A Antenna Tuning Unit - Mfg by Hallicrafters


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I got it from an estate sale, im looking for some knowledge or history about this piece of equipment. I haven't tested it yet but 3 of the four dials turn. Its 21.5" inches long x 9" wide and 14" tall


Whats on the Label_______

Serial: 1175
Made by Hallicrafters Company Chicago Illinois



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This was used with the BC-610 AM transmitter. Google BC-610 images and you will see it mounted on top of the transmitter.

It was used WW 2 through the 50's

My experience with it was with the USMC 55-64



Salome, AZ

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Hi...well I have never possessed a 939 yet I have seen a couple and conversed with proprietors - I comprehend they are expected to transform a generally little radio wire into a usable burden so my impression is they don't get utilized a lot. As far as I might be concerned, the fascination has more to do with the unit as a wonderful illustration of vintage military radio craftsmanship. Each segment is top of the line for its day. To some stamp authority, it may seem as though garbage however to us it is something you may never really utilize, yet take a gander at, the manner in which a few people take a gander at canvases or figure.

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