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PRC-25 and PRC-77 Antennas


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The antennas that fit the PRC-25 and PRC-77 seem to have gotten scarce and expensive. But the nearly identical AT-272A antenna for the PRC-8-9-10 are still available at pretty reasonable prices. I decided to make an adapter to enbale teh AT-272A to be used on teh PRC-25 and 77.


I found I could buy 1 inch long pieces of 0.75 in diameter brass rod on ebay, three for $8.30, including shipping. This is exactly the size of rod needed for the adapter.


Take one of the pieces of brass rod and drill a small hole, about 1/8 inch diameter or so, through it lengthwise. Then you need to enlarge the hole in one end to enable you to tap it for ¼-28 thread, such as with a 7/16 drill bit, about a half inch deep.


The other end of the adapter you need to drill out to enable you to tap it with a 5/16-24 thread. The proper diameter of the hole is 0.2703, but a 9/32 drill bit should work Okay. Don’t drill deeper than about a half inch.


Then take a 5/16-24 bolt and cut the head off, or else buy a 5/16-24 stud, and insert it in the threaded hole. You do not want it sticking out of the brass adapter more than a half inch or else it won’t screw all the way into the radio.


Now you have an adapter that can enable the AT-272A to be used on the PRC-25 and 77 instead of the AT-892. It is almost identical and seems to work just as well.


Good luck!






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