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Acoustic ear cups on WWII USN flight helmets


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Hi everybody,


In the thread about USN flight helmets, you see a lot of converted deck helmets. Many of these helmets have ear cups sewn on in a variety of ways that vary from very crude to almost flawless workmanship. There is one model of ear cup, however, that I can't figure out the method of attachment, the acoustic cup. I see no visible stitching anywhere. How were these cups attached? Can anyone provide insight?





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If you have a chance to see these cups "in hand", you'll notice they have two basic components. The outer rubber, that holds the ear phone, and the inner chamois-covered "doughnut" that surrounds the wearer's ear. This inner piece was cemented to the rubber outer and is easily separated. Once this was done, the outer rubber half could be machine stitched, hand basted, or glued to the outside of the helmet. The doughnut was then glued back on the inside of the helmet in the appropriate location.

Regards, Paul





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