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Unusual Mills & Orndorff ammo belt

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I have a strange M1894 Mills & Orndorff Ammo belt :

Mills and Orndorff adjustement hooks with usual Aug,26:67 to Sep.11:94 patents.

Classical standard light tan web construction with brass keepers and "C" clasp, but the belt has only one-row 40 loops for .30 rounds (I know about 50 or 100 rounds loops, but not 40).


An early model or a belt for mounted troops?

Any idea?


Thank you in advance,


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Without a picture I'll hazard a few observations....No length of the belt given but iirc Mills did make belts in sizes including lengths for smaller waists -- with a correspondining reduction of the number of loops. As far as this being only a single row, if the loops are woven and not sewn, its a Mills woven product and likely a state or national guard request or contract. Not likely regular US army unless it was a trial piece. From 1900 until the phase out / replacement by the new Mills pocket patterns, the regular army infantry and artillery wore the tan color, double looped Mills belt with the 'C' catch.

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It's a Mills commercial belt. The number 18 indicates what size cartridge it's for. I think it is .38-55 Rifle.

Without data, your just another person with an opinion...................


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The regular US Army 1886 belt plate is 'way out' for this belt as well. These commercial civilian belts used a brass wire c-catch closure. Although I've seen the commercial / civilian stamped Mills plates (dogs head etc.) on them.

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