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Battleship grey FB M1 with handmade net

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I got this one in recently. I am quite intrigued by it. The net has obviously been on it a long time. Interesting to see a handmade net on a shipboard helmet. It really makes one wonder what it was used for. The liner has the remains of round decals on both sides. There are tiny flecks of yellow remnants of the decal on one side. Reminds me of the Seabee decals my father had in abundance. I am guessing that this helmet was used by someone who transitioned between shipboard and shore duties of some kind. I am still learning about M1 helmets. The heat stamp appears to be 88E. If this is a McCord, that should date it to August 1941. Correct?


I have seen an M1 with a very similar handmade net in the book by Maximiano and Spivey. I appreciate any insights anyone can provide.


There seems to be a subtle darker grey band around the base of the helmet, and bluer paint above it.











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I like it, the helmet could have been used by the SEABEE'S, I could imagine a SEABEE wearing this helmet set with camo netting while operating a bull dozer or other heavy equipment building airfields or something.

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Really nice helmet

Crapgame: His name is Kelly. Used to be a Lieutenant, pretty good one too-

until someone gave him orders to attack the wrong hill. Wiped out half a company of GI's...

Somebody had to get the blame so he got picked....

Oddball (Laughing): Oh man, I don't like officers...

Crapgame (Laughing): Neither does he, so relax!

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When my Dad was in the Seabees they trained extensively with the Marines in war games during the Vietnam War. Those big round removed decals are a mystery, but the right size for Seabee decals.



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