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OSS Weapons


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Yea, that is the picture that actually brought me to this thread, but it is the only reference I have, and even after zooming in, I cannot really see the details.


Does anyone have Dr. John Brunner's book that can perhaps post a scan of whatever reference photos he shows?

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I have his book and about 3 shelf feet of other reference books related to the OSS, the SOE and other clandestine organizations.  NONE have, or even mention, the type of garrote you're looking at.  Dr. Brunner has quite a rant as the introduction to his book about how many statements are incorrect, grossly exaggerated or outright ridiculous when it comes to weapons and devices attributed to the OSS.  Some, like thumb daggers and limpet mines were developed and used by the SOE.  Others, like the Liberator pistol or the glove pistol were American but not developed or used by the OSS.  


I've also checked the OSS Weapons catalog; The Plumber's Kitchen, The Secret Story of American Spy Weapons; Clandestine Warfare, Weapons and Equipment of the SOE and OSS; and Secret Agent's Handbook, The WWII Spy Manual of Devices, Disguises, Gadget, and Concealed Weapons.  None discuss a garrote.  The last book mentioned reproduces the Top Secret Descriptive Catalogue of Special Devices and Supplies compiled by the British War Office for the SOE.  No garrote.

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OK, I think I've found the reference for this style of garrote that a number of people are reproducing.


This is from H. Keith Melton's book, OSS Special Weapons & Equipment, Spy Device of WWII.  Melton seems to have a relationship with the CIA and is the driving force behind the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.  He has no military background but is a long-time collector and has traveled the world acquiring "spy devices."  He made his money with McDonald's franchises.  The main part of his book is styled and typeset as a reproduction of the OSS Weapons catalog.   But it is not.  He has added in SOE devices and experimental weapons that were never produced or used by the OSS, such as the Liberator and the Navy's glove pistol. Dr. Brunner did not have a high opinion of Mr. Melton and considered the International Spy Museum "a tourist attraction."  

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Wow kwill, that has got to be one of the most thorough and helpful responses I've ever received on a forum in my years of collecting.  Thank you very much!  I also enjoyed seeing your extensive list of reference material, now I know a few books I need to look for in addition to Dr. Brunner's.  Would you say his is the best one of the bunch?


It sure does sound like the OSS garrote may be more of a fantasy piece than a real item.  If I come across one that is fairly inexpensive, it might be worth picking up, but the one I am considering buying is pricey, so probably not something I will take a chance on after all. 


On a side note, I agree with Dr. Brunner's description of the International Spy Museum as "a tourist attraction", but it was quite enjoyable for me many years ago when I visited it as a "tourist".  I wouldn't hesitate to go again someday. 😊


Thanks again!  Your response is greatly appreciated.

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