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Welcolm From Belgium

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Hi everybody,


To introduce myself I was born in 1966 and I joined the Belgium Army in 1985. 2 Bn Cdo (Airborne), Inf Recon Plt and now working to an Engineer Bn ... still active soldier after 32 Years ... my rank is SFC.


I'm a member from the 505PIR and 508PIR family and Friends and also from the C47 82nd Chapter Club.


I'm not a collector but since many years I have the chance to drive US Vets or families in Belgium and Normandy of course it's a free "work". I have started 10 years ago to collect US Airborne data and I have created a US Airborne and Airborne Troop Carriers database with now 130.000 names from Europe, Pacific and the famous 555PIB .


I have also many pictures from cérémonies in Europe .


Hope I will help some of your members and also find some interresting info for me ;-)))





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