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Yeoman CPO rate with beautiful bullion eagle . . . era?

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Pre 41 it faces right, post 41 to the left.


Not exactly depending on the rate branch. That more general pre 41/post 41 rule applies to US Navy Officer Cap Badges. Depending on the rate branch, you could have a post 1941 petty officer rate with the eagle facing the viewer's right.


In 1941, the regs required the eagle on petty officer sleeve rates to face the uniform wearer's front. Non Seaman branches wore petty officer rates on the left arm so the eagle faced the viewer's left. Seaman branches were worn on the right arm of petty officers so the eagle faced the viewer's right. In 1947, regs called for all rates (both seaman and non-seaman branches) to be worn on the left arm and as a result, all eagles on petty officer rates faced the viewer's left.


So, an eagle facing the viewer's left is definitely post 1941. But an eagle facing the viewer's right is pre 1947.




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