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Korean or Vietnam era patch Identification


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The best I can figure out is:




Without spaces this translates to 'ji na midgab neoda' or 'I believe you' or 'I believe it.' Can also be 'GI trust you all,' 'Through trust you' or 'Through trust all.' Or, on the flip side, 'I cannot believe it.' It all depends on the spaces between the character groups.


It's hard to read the characters since they are not only stylized (like written script) but embroidered. IF my guess is close it has something to do with belief or trust. My guess is a unit motto if it follows the 'trust' idea or a novelty kind of patch if it goes along with 'can't believe it.'



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My wife is Korean and has translated it. Captainofthe7th was close, but here is the correct translation.


지나만갑니다 jinamangabnida Which means - “I will pass”


Hope this helps!

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Still like the idea of a C.A.S.H. or that type of unit. Better heads than mine have given it some thought so it will have an id one day.

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