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Reserve Parachute Canopy?

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Can someone please help me with this parachute canopy? I wanted to know if this is a reserve canopy, and did the paratroopers use these? The canopy is marked CANOPY ASSY DWG NO 43G26405. There is also the number 24 stamped on it. From what I researched, the reserve chutes were a 24 panel, but I can't seem to find this particular drawing number anywhere on the internet.







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Looks to be a USAAF chute. The book titled The Parachute Manual Vol. 1 by Dan Poynter would most likely contain information

on the application. Unfortunately, I no longer have the book. WWII seat chutes also contained a 24 ft. canopy. Possibly back

parachute assy's.?

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I talked to the forums WWII parachute expert. He informed me this is the correct parachute for a T5 pack, just a later version from the 42 drawing date. Just wanted to complete the post in case other members have the same question in the future.

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