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WWII 7th Infantry Division, 'Kwajalein' Identification Panel

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I attended the Minneapolis Military Relic Collectors show, In MN, this past weekend and had a blast seeing some old forum members and friends.


On the last day of the show, i was looking at some stuff and found a nice m1941 upper USMC pack and picked that up. As i was looking at some USMC patches, out of the corner of my eye, i spotted a flag on the wall. I grabbed it super fast and brought it to the seller and he told me it was a 'Japanese signal flag', and wanted $30 for it. I handed him the money and took it. Now i know, and collect Japanese Militaria and this is not Japanese. I am thinking MAYBE it was in a 7th Div grouping and the seller thought this was a part of the bringbacks and not the American items? Who knows..



Here are some pictures i have. I do not want to take many close up photos and dimentions just yet becuase i have only seen one other on picked up in a grouping and can't seem to find any information online other than the two regismnets that wore these only for Kwajalein and that was it.




















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Geez. If that's the real deal you're the luckiest guy in the world in my opinion (when it comes to cool militaria, especially 7th Division gear). I don't know, but I think you may have hit the jack pot on this one.




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