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DL Destroyer Leader Conversions - DLG DLGN to DDG CG CGN


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There is a post for DDG's but DLG's and DLGN's that where reclassified as DDG's, CG's or CGN's were orphans until now.

Here is the post for those ships. I will start off with a very short lived Classified ship the USS South Carolina, DLGN 37. commissioned in January of 1975 and reclassified in June of 1975, giving this patch a roughly 6 month life span.


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Salvage Sailor

Moderators Note: Members please post your Forrest Sherman cl., Charles Adams cl., Spruance cl., Kidd cl., Arleigh Burke cl. and Zumwalt cl. purpose built DDG's here ---> http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/197920-ddg-guided-missile-destroyers/


Very nice start for these Destroyer Leader hulls. When they were developed they were built with Staff accommodations and intended to be Flagships of Cruiser-Destroyer groups and flotillas, but as the guided missile age came, they were converted to Cruisers and Guided Missile Destroyers. Several were also destined to become the first Nuclear Powered surface combatants in the USN. Many were simply reclassified in 1975 as CG/CG(N) Cruisers (Leahy/Belknap class) retaining their hull numbers, but others (the Farragut class) were reclassified in 1975 as DDG which necessitated their hull renumbering to avoid duplication among the other classes of DDG being commissioned at the time.


The Following is a List of the Destroyer Leader hulls which comprise this topic - Please post those that you have in your collections for the following classes of ships


Norfolk cl., Mitscher cl., Farragut cl., Leahy cl., Bainbridge cl., Belknap cl., Truxtun cl., California cl., and Virginia cl.


Norfolk DL-1 Norfolk 1953–1970
Mitscher DL-2 renumbered to DDG-35 Mitscher class leader 1953–1978
John S. McCain DL-3 renumbered to DDG-36 Mitscher cl. 1953–1978
Willis A. Lee DL-4 Mitscher cl. 1954–1969
Wilkinson DL-5 Mitscher cl.1954–1969
Farragut DLG-6 renumbered to DDG-37 Farragut class leader 1960–1989
Luce DLG-7 renumbered to DDG-38 Farragut cl. 1961–1991
Macdonough DLG-8 renumbered to DDG-39 Farragut cl.1961–1992
Coontz* DLG-9 renumbered to DDG-40 Farragut cl.1960–1989
King DLG-10 renumbered to DDG-41 Farragut cl. 1960–1991
Mahan DLG-11 renumbered to DDG-42 Farragut cl. 1960–1993
Dahlgren DLG-12 renumbered to DDG-43 Farragut cl. 1961–1992
William V. Pratt DLG-13 renumbered to DDG-44 Farragut cl. 1961–1991
Dewey DLG-14 renumbered to DDG-45 Farragut cl. 1959–1990
Preble DLG-15 renumbered to DDG-46 Farragut cl. 1960–1991
Leahy DLG-16 to CG-16 Leahy cl.1962–1993
Harry E. Yarnell DLG-17 to CG-17 Leahy cl. 1963–1993
Worden DLG-18 to CG-18 Leahy cl. 1963–1993
Dale DLG-19 to CG-19 Leahy cl. 1963–1994
Richmond K. Turner DLG-20 to CG-20 Leahy cl. 1964–1995
Gridley DLG-21 to CG-21 Leahy cl. 1963–1994
England DLG-22 to CG-22 Leahy cl. 1963–1994
Halsey DLG-23 to CG-23 Leahy cl. 1963–1994
Reeves DLG-24 to CG-24 Leahy cl. 1964–1993
Bainbridge DLGN-25 to CGN-25 Bainbridge class 1962–1996
Belknap DLG-26 to CG-26 Belknap class leader 1964–1995
Josephus Daniels DLG-27 to CG-27 Belknap cl. 1965–1994
Wainwright DLG-28 to CG-28 Belknap cl. 1966–1993
Jouett DLG-29 to CG-29 Belknap cl. 1966–1994
Horne DLG-30 to CG-30 Belknap cl. 1967–1994
Sterett DLG-31 to CG-31 Belknap cl. 1967–1994
William H. Standley DLG-32 to CG-32 Belknap cl. 1966–1994
Fox DLG-33 to CG-33 Belknap cl. 1966–1994
Biddle DLG-34 to CG-34 Belknap cl. 1967–1993
Truxtun DLGN-35 to CGN-35 Truxtun class 1967–1995
California DLGN-36 to CGN-36 California class leader 1974–1999
South Carolina** DLGN-37 to CGN-37 California cl. 1975–1999
Virginia*** DLGN-38 to CGN-38 Virginia class leader 1976–1994
Texas*** DLGN-39 to CGN-39 Virginia cl. 1977–1993
Mississippi*** DLGN-40 to CGN-40 Virginia cl. 1978–1997
Arkansas*** DLGN-41 to CGN-41 Virginia cl. 1980–1998
The DL Types which were decommissioned prior to 1975 were not reclassified/renumbered
*After the 1975 reclassification the Farragut class was also known as the Coontz class
**South Carolina was the last ship commissioned as a DL type.
***Virginia class, ordered as DLGN, reclassified as CGN prior to commissioning.


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