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WWI Display for local heritage day

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On April 8th, my hometown of Woodstock, VA celebrated it's annual heritage day. With the recent 100th anniversary of the United States entry into World War I, the event was naturally based around that.


The event was really engaging, and featured a wide variety of WWI artifacts on display. Some unique and rare items found their way onto the display tables. I wish I had taken some time to walk around the building and taken photos, but I hope you'll find my humble display suitable. Good fun and a lot of like minded people in attendance.


Unfortunately, most of the items in my WWI collection are unnamed and not necessarily from my locality. Next year, the theme of the event will be World War II, for which I have more items attributed to local veterans to display.




Studio portrait and promotion certificate named to Joseph Owens, an NCO (later officer) in the Seventh Engineer Battalion.




Summer Service Tunic for a corporal in the Medical Corps




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Various field gear, including a mess kit with the soldier's initials and "AEF" hand stamped into the back. Of note is also the veterinarian's tool kit. This was the most asked about item all day:




Various small bits. The victory medal is British. The Iron Cross has a Saint Christopher's medal on the backside. It likely predates WWI. I've forgotten what the winged insignia is, and am suspicious it might be 20's/30's issue - can anyone help me out?



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A very nice display. I know how much work these are but folks appreciate them.

"You can't please everyone so you have got to please yourself." Ricky Nelson



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