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Navagator's watch

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My wife's uncle collected pocketwatch's and also was a Army medic in WW2. This watch was in with his collection but most of his watchs were late 1890's and early 1900 so this one seemed odd to be in the collection till I turned if over and saw the info.


Regardless it has been pulled from the watch collection and put with the WW2 items. I am assuming from the contract number beginning with AF43 it was made in 1943.


Hopefully this is in the proper board.




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These were used by USAAF Navigators during WWII for in flight time/distance calculations. They were also used/carried by bombardiers. During flight operations they were housed in a round grey metal case that suspended the watch from springs. They are outstanding time pieces and command pretty good money, especially in running condition..

I will pay top dollar for original WWII items pertaining to:



OSS Maritime Unit



Scouts and Raiders


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