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T-38 Ejection Seat Trainer?

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Hey all, I'm new to USMF,

I was told by a friend that I may be able get some help from you all in identifying an old ejection seat that I have.I believe it is a Training Seat for a T-38. Any help or insight will be greatly appreciated. Here is a pic of the seat and the best shots I could get of the serial numbers stamped on the back of the headrest. The pentagon shaped logo has the letters "MPA" in it.


Thanks and warm regards

-Florida Mike-








-Florida Mike-

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Welcome to the forum. Your ejection seat is most likely from a T-38 and/or F-5 aircraft. If the foot

rests that are attached to the front of the seat bucket are original to the seat, than this seat may

be an earlier variant. The following is a link to a later seat that was used with the T-38/F-5. Many

USAF/USN/NASA T-38 acft. have been upgraded with the newer Martin-Baker Mk-16 series ejection seats in

recent years.



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Thanks for your reply. I have been to that site and agree that it is most likely a T-38 seat. I will repost in the AIRCRAFT INSTRUMENTS & EJECTION SEATS forum (so my posts "count" hehe) and post more detailed pics and my thoughts on why I beleive it was for training rather than an actual seat used in an acft.

-Florida Mike-

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