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Vietnam era Rare Water Pump pilot / advisor / FAC MACTHAI patch grouping.


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I had a chance to pick up this grouping to a Water Pump pilot / advisor / FAC, that was at last years SOS. Most of the patches are Thai made. 'T.L.D.' on the 2 MACTHAI tiger patches is Thailand Liaison Detachment, set up in 1973 and reporting direct to the Pentagon to coordinate activities in Cambodia, formed from personnel of Water Pump / 56th SOW. As seen on the lower middle patch , they trained Thai, Cambodian and Laotian FAC pilots . As seen by the top left and right Thai made patches , they used T28 Trojans for training. Of interest is the 2 different countries flags on these patches. Thanks to help from fellow members, the top middle patch is Armee Del'Air Khmer Chasse T-28 , 1st Squadron Fighter and appears Cambodian made. Middle right is also Khmer Fank , I believe and is Cambodian made. The 2 MACTHAI patches are Thai made . Lower left is a Laotian made Flight #5 or possibly Fighter Sq. 5, The lower right patch is a Cambodian made Khmer FAC SMABA. I may be a little off on desciption but if you want to find out more about this rare unit , then buy the Yankee Air Pirates Vol. 2 to see and find out more on Waterpump. Thanks for looking . Any questions or comments welcomed.

Regards, Mitch


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Gorgeous grouping! I should really pick up the Yankee Air Pirates series. 

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