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USMC grunt Vietnam


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I do see your 1st aid kits kakie... Maybe my eyes, maybe your photo? The flash (or light) does not help



here are the two I used, next to two kakie ones.


Still think they are kakie...?


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nguoi tien su

Justin, if I compare with the two kakies, nope.

If I do it with the background, yes.

Obviously they are green but in the middle of the gear (ie green) you showed that was not that evident. At least to me.

PM sent.

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nguoi tien su



Here is the rucks I spoke about earlier :


How do you see them? One is brand new, coming from old ARVN stocks, the second one has been used and reused. The second is not the commun type, the material is a little different, so are the heavy cotton parts.




I thought it was two different colors...



But obviously not. Just completely sunwashed...



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