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M1 Bayonet white dress

LI Ammo

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I'm gifting this AFH bayo to a NYPD cop friend of mine. It came chromed and in this white metal scabbard, and the owner had the white dress belt it was attached to from his grandfather's estate.

We know it was grandad's, a Korean War Vet, but we're unsure if this was for parade use in his outfit, or he acquired it some other way.


Any help?







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Hard to say who did the chrome work or where it was used. It's interesting that both the bayonet and scabbard are modified (cut down) from their original length. They may have been issued together after being reworked or could have been mated up any time thereafter.

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I might be able to give you some insight into the chrome bayonet. I have a similar one but with a canvas white slip on cover for the scabbard. It also has a leather foot on the end.


My first duty station was with the Marine Detachment, USS Forrestal CVA-59 from 2/65 to 2/67. Part of our mission was to perform honors and ceremonies for dignitaries. Dress Blues, white duty belts and chrome bayonets. Ours were a bit unusual because they were cut down cadmium plated 03 bayonets from WW1. The were cut down to fit into an M1 scabbard because , as the story goes, a marine brought his rifle up and knocked the cover off the Sec of the Navy.


Mine is dated 1916 with the bursting bomb and SA with the number 23. On the opposite side is a serial number of 635910 with U.S. above the number.


Marine honor guards included these bayonets, in one form or another, for those occasions.


Now if your Grandad was a combat soldier, he may have traded with some other stuff like a NORK bayonet or other field souvenir.


While aboard the Forrestal, I was in charge of the Marine store room. I've traded many things for 'stuff'. Camillis pilots survival knife, flight suit, etc. In fact, my CO, Capt McIlhenny, one day asked me with a smile "Hey Lesnick, are you going to open an Army/Navy Store when you get out"?








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If anyone knows where I can get one of these chrome bayonets, please let me know! Looking for the newer one with the plastic handle and hard scabbard. Preferably unissued but I'll take what I can get!

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I know this is an older topic but am hoping someone can weigh in on the value of a bayonet like this (painted white scabbard and bayonet that has been chromed. A friend wants to sell one. Thanks!

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