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.45 holster

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I'm looking for a quality WWII holster but I have no idea what to look for. I've found one on eBay item number Number292080692107 can someone check it out for me? Thanks!

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That is a broad question. Looks like you are looking for a M1916 holster. There are A LOT of variables on this.


All manufacturers are "quality" so it really depends upon condition. Are you looking for mint? Slightly used? Salty? Usually the nicer the condition, the higher the price.


If you are wanting a WWII holster, I would look for a holster that is stamped with the manufacturer name and date. Some manufacturers will fetch higher prices out of rarity, so if that doesn't matter to you, don't get caught up in an auction for a rare maker unwittingly.


Make sure the holster is brown, some holsters were dyed black post war.


You will find ones with or without the leg strap. Depends on if you want that or not. Typically an intact leg strap will increase the price.


Other than that, it is all personal preference. A decent holster will run you $50-$75.


Good Luck!

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Thanks for your help I'm looking for a boyt but not one that's mint. This one on eBay is a possibility That I left the item number on my previous post although it is a Sears

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