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Hello from West Virginia

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I won't insult anyone by calling my self a collector, however my father-in-law passed away last summer and we have been going thru his house and have found several items from WW2. Interesting part is he had 3 other brothers who also served, since some where in the Army and he and his twin were in the Navy we have a mishmash of items that I have been researching.


I have always been a bit of a history buff so finding these things have rekindled that and my son is fascinated by these things.


So please bear with me as I attempt to learn what we have found.

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Welcome from a native born West Virginian.I was raised up next door in Morgantown. Family farm is in Wyatt/Shinnston area.I have a good friend in Terra Alta.

If your interest in history has been awakened,this is the place for good solid info.Do the research on your family,you will be glad you did. Take your son along for the ride he will thank you later.

Once again,Welcome.








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Hello and welcome! We all started collecting just like you, with interest but not much knowledge. However, this is a great Forum to fill those knowledge gaps. Again, welcome!

Looking for:


1. CIB with M16 instead of 1795 Musket

2. Rarer current era brassards and armbands


Thanks for taking the time to read this!


donation2015.gif donation2016.gif

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