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I have been collecting military items for a short time. I have a Winchester M1 date 42 Aug and an IBM Carbine, plus my Fathers M4 bayonet he brought home from Korea. I have 2 sons on active duty with the Air Force, who ask me to pick up things for them of which I am happy to oblige. I live on the Gulf Coast.

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Sounds like you've got a great collection started already. Thanks to your sons for their service! Welcome to this Forum.

Looking for:


1. CIB with M16 instead of 1795 Musket

2. Rarer current era brassards and armbands


Thanks for taking the time to read this!


donation2015.gif donation2016.gif

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From also on the AL Gulf Coast: welcome! You have found a seemingly inexhaustible resource here as well as some great people. Welcome to the board.

Brute force: if it isn't working, you're just not using enough.



"Being a warrior is not about dying: dying is what we do if we must, and if we must we do it well. Being a warrior is about getting up every day READY to die." -- LtCol Dave Grossman

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