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Aircraft seat cushions need ID

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Here are two images of two identical aircraft seat cushions. They might be from a Grumman

aircraft or an aircraft equipped with Martin-Baker Mk-5 series ejection seats? If they were

used in a U.S. aircraft that was equipped with Martin-Baker ejection seats, the aircraft

might be the F3H Demon, FJ Fury, F9F Cougar, and/or F11F Tiger. Both cushions have

the following part number:


105F 1134 3 or 105F 4134 3 There are no Martin-Baker MBEU part numbers that I can see.


Any help would be appreciated to ID their application. Thank-you.



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Just thought of a couple more possible aircraft. The Martin-Baker ejection seat used in the

T2V (T-1A) Sea Star and the Yankee Escape System for the late A-1 Skyraider and T-28D Trojan.

I believe that these aircraft used a seat style parachute assy. along with a torso parachute harness.

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