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Saigon/ HCM City 1995

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More later ...



These are great. I appreciate you adding these. I had donated all of my camo photos to be used for a book that is in production. This fills the gap.


I believe the lime green uniform in frame 101 was the late war ARVN Airborne pattern I was referring to.


The brown dominant ERDL pattern uniforms in frames 109 and 110 was for more general use through out the Army from what I can tell.


A surprising amount of National Police uniforms showed up, both fatigue and camo.


And berets... geez, I could have done an entire thread on nothing but berets. However, the caveat is it was hard to tell from the photos which ones were

doctored, repro or original.

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Apparently Louis had some time to relax on his buying trips. This is him preparing to do some range firing at the Tunnels at Cu Chi historic attraction.


This is still offering tours today where visitors can crawl through the tunnels (some rebuilt) and work their way through a series of underground rooms.


When Louis visited you could pay a fee to fire a number of weapons, all the way up to a live RPG!

LL 6.jpg

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Great photos and memories! I was there in 66-67 and again in 75. I did not collect VN material at the time so missed out big time! The only thing Brought back in 75 was a nice new aircraft clock for I think about $2 US. Thanks for showing these!

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One of two still have, sent home via hold baggage in 72. These turn up in antique shops once in a while, have to know what to look for as similar ones are made in china.

Thanks for posting.

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Ref the Elephants...forgot I brought back a pair in 75 maybe the last one's out of sVN prior to the surrender. Spilt them up in the family now. Should have brought some of the misc weapons we had available but decided against it as rode back 1st class on PAA and that was the end of my 9 years of the VN adventure.

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Regrets, when our unit “ stood down” from Company to detachment there were about 8 of us left in the company area. One day an ARVN jeep and duece and a half pulled up, 2 ARVN officers got out and asked if we wanted to trade any Ac units, refrigerators or other office equipment for captured VC/ NVA uniforms, equipment and weapons. We were all short and wanted to get to Saigon, closer to going home, sigh. Then when in Saigon gave my Gerber Mk II to an ARVIN Lt.

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