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Real? Ludlow London Paratrooper Jump Wings

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Real or Fake?


Picked these wings up today on opening day of the Flea Market! Went at 6am so it was still dark out when I found these. I noticed the pin was missing and there was a marker mark on the backside, but I couldn't see it at the time... Seller wanted $2, so I splurged and bought them!


Later, when the sun came up, I noticed they were marked: Ludlow London


There's some gunk on the backside... not sure if they were mounted to something like a cigarette case?

They appear to be die struck, I don't see any cast lines... The backside is smooth, expect for that gunk...


Comments? What do you think? Real? Fake?





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Look ok to me but Im not an expert.


Appears they were sodered to something.Maybe a lighter or a cigarette case etc?

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If they're the real deal, $2 was a great bargain! I'm a bit concerned at how the 3rd shroud line from the right gets lost behind the 2nd shroud line from the right about halfway down. Also, there's a strange "bend" in the shroud lines right at the base of where the right wing meets the edge of the shroud line. I'm certainly not an expert, but there are those on here who are, and they'll have an answer for you. Either way, they'll display nicely, and for $2, you couldn't go wrong! Apparently I'm going to the wrong flea markets...

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