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New Brit on the block

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Greetings to the forum :)


The name is John, been around on a number of different collector forums (only one militaria related) over the last 15 years or so, normally under the user name of Skippy (it was already taken here!). I'm a London based Brit, working in Law Enforcement for the last two and a half decades, so not a military man, but impressed at just how many US forces serving and veterans are here and let me say of course - Thank you all for your service.


Been collecting various militaria over the years since I was a young boy, but in more recent years picked up a few nice US military pieces, mainly from the Vietnam war era and had been lurking and researching this forum since that time.


Last year though I made my first proper trip to Normandy (visited Merville and SWORD for the 75th) and visited all of the beaches, landing zones and Pointe du Hoc and really picked up the bug for WWII militaria again. What really struck me though was the display and history I learnt in the Waco hanger at the Sainte-Mère-Église airborne museum. That courage and sacrifice really opened my eyes to the contribution of the glidertroopers, long hidden in the shadow of the much celebrated paratrooper brothers, certainly in my learning.


So returning from that trip I have been further mining this forum for information and slowly picking up some nice small US airborne related pieces, mainly wings including glider wings and DUI; until I have reached the point that I realised I actually have quite a bit of US militaria and could hopefully contribute to the community here in a positive and fun way.


So glad to be here and hopefully make some new friends along the way :D





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You probably saw the SNAFU SPECIAL at Merville Battery? My friend Patrick has spent a great deal,of time working with that aircraft. I also have many friends at Ste Mere Eglise and Omaha Beach. My 3 uncles landed at Omaha Beach with the 29th Division. My uncle gave me his original map that he carried, during the 30th anniversary of D-Day, when I dropped by his house and prodded him. Later, I would make "many" trips to Omaha and Normandy. My website is: www.ww2dday.com . If you go to the photo-gallery, you will see several veterans photos. If you go to the 60th Anniversay section, you can see my YouTube briefing at the bottom of the page, I gave,"off the cuff" at La Fiere Bridge. You can also email me through the site.



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Dennis, George, Bill and Tim - thank you fro the welcome :)


Tim - yes I did see and get to go in The SNAFU Special. I made a mistake in my original post, it was the 70th anniversary and the SNAFU Special was being dedicated as a historical monument, so the US Ambassador was there and a load of USAF. In an interesting parallel to 70 years before and GI's handing out sweets/chocolate to French children in WWII, the USAF guys had thick wads of squadron patches they were handing out to the kids ...some things never change!! Their C130's also did some spectacular low flyovers for the crowds :D


The daughter of one of the SNAFU Special pilots was there as well and gave a speech. Apparently during one mission her father was towing a gilder full of troops and hit flak so heavy, that faced with destruction if they didn't get out of it, they had to cut the glider loose to an unknown and likely fatal fate. Apparently he was never the same after that - too much guilt :(


Thanks for the tip to your website, I will check it out.

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