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VF-15 "Satan's Playmates" | two WWII patches


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VF-15 "Satan's Playmates" WWII


The squadron was established on 1 September 1943 and disestablished on 20 October 1945. On 20 June 1944 while deployed on the USS Essex, the squadron participated in the "Marianas Turkey Shoot" where Air Group 15 (AG-15) commander Cpt David McCampbell shot down 9 Japanese aircraft. These patches included in a lot attributed to Arthur Singer, Jr., double ace with 10 victories, which included these patches, a photo and sweetheart letter.


I'm posting this to show the vague similarity of this squadron's insignia with VF-13, posted earlier today, at http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/287211-vf-13-black-cats-wwii-pilot-grouping-with-3-patches/ .


Silkscreened on canvas (above, wings 4-1/2" across) and leather (below, wings 4" across).


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Ron, your patch is VBF-15. Same Air Group, different squadron. I think yours may be WW2 as well. Jeffro[/quote


Thanks Jeffro.

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Great patces


Have this one but of a later date Im guessing




Nice. VBF-15 established 10 Jan 1945. Disestablished 20 Oct 1945.


The Bomber Fighter Squadrons were created to reduce Fighter Squadrons to a more manageable size. Fighter Squadrons had up to 60 planes and 100 pilots. As they grew in size, often a Fighter Squadron was split in two to create a second unit, a Bomber Fighter Squadron.

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Great patches Walika!


I remember a Arthur Singer group, a few years back also another grouping from the same squadron showed up, named to 6 kills ACE Wallace R. Johnson.


I was lucky to get a MARK IIIa ploatting board from this group.


The best regards,








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