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Nat. Museum of the Marine Corps 2017


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Has anyone heard of when the new exhibits that are planned to be open in 2017 will actually be open? The web site just shows that the theater, F/A-18 and M60 tank exhibits open this year. I assume since there are no details it will be a few more months but just wondered if anyone had heard details.

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All is still a work in progress. We just put the rotor blades on the UH-34 on Saturday, 1 Apr.


Based on the latest plan, this is the rough schedule (but all dates subject to change whenever reality intrudes):

  • Mid-April 2017: Tun Tavern expansion and two new restrooms open! (depends on Fire Marshall inspection and custodial contract)
  • June-July 2017: Combat Art Gallery (100+ original artworks post-Vietnam, for the most part)
  • June-July 2017: 369 seat giant screen theater with exclusive 40 minute USMC-themed movie.
  • Nov 2017: Children's activity area, 2 classrooms, and school lunch room
  • Nov 2018: Post-Vietnam Galleries (1976-present)
  • 2020 and 2021: Hall of Valor (MoH & other medals for heroism), Marines in Sports Gallery, Interwar Years (1919-1940)

For current updates, check: http://www.usmcmuseum.com/museum-final-phase.html


You can watch a timelapse of the install of the M60 tank and the assembly and install of the F/A18 Hornet at that same page.

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Having past the museum on various trips to the US in the nineties, I finally stopped there in 2014.

Regretted I had never visited earlier. What a collection on Marine history, friendly staff and an occasion to shake hands a WW2 vet of the 5th division.

Great visit.



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