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PFC Delmer Koonter- I Company, 142 Regiment, 36 Infantry Division


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It has been awhile since I have updated this post, but today it is not because I found something else from his service, it is in regards to a pretty neat experience I had the other week.

So I run a social media account for my collection on Instagram (great place for a lot of us younger collectors to connect) and put up a post about my great grandfathers service showing his items I found for Purple Heart Day. I put a few hashtags on the post to get people with similar interests to see it but I did not expect who ended up responding.

Before long I pulled out google translate as the official social media/tourism page for the city of Selestat, France found the post and thanked me for my grandfather's sacrifice! I was not really sure how to react but I decided to thank them and tell them how much I wanted to visit their city to see where my grandfather gave so much. They reciprocated the plan and even said to let them know when I visit! (I am sure that would look great for them and I would be pretty happy)

It was just a pretty bizarre thing to happen and I figured you all might get a kick out of it. Pretty wild to get a response from the town where your great grandfather was shot trying to liberate. I have included screenshots of the post and translations, I also thought it deserves to be put in his display so I did not hesitate to print it out :)


First comment says
“The city of Selestat thanks these young American soldiers who risked their lives for our freedom"

Second says
“You will be welcomed! Do not hesitate to inform us of your visit!”


I thought it deserved a spot in the display



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