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212th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, Battery B guidon


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I've had this for a little while. It's pretty obviously a guidon to B battery of the 212th AFAB. The unit was attached to the 6th Armored Division and got to France in July of 1944. They were issued M-7 priests that mounted 105mm howitzers, and saw a fair amount of combat. Luckily there were few combat casualties, a result which I suspect is related to how the unit was equipped and employed. The 212th was deactivated in 1946, and put back together in 1958(?). This is the original wartime flag, in my opinion, and shows some wear. I'm always interesting in learning more info about a given unit, so feel free to share whatever you may know.


A website containing the unit history, B battery is covered.




I make these posts of my guidon collection as I figure that they may interest people and so forth. While I get a fair number of views, there is minimal engagement, so I'm not sure how to proceed. I've been compiling a spread sheet that will give info as to era, material, method of construction and so forth, something to help others as there are apparently no references on the topic. If the interest isn't there, I'll probably not post it. Let me know.



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