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Usmc paramarine patch

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Hello all


I picked up this paramarine patch recently. I wanted to get opinions about the authenticity of this patch. Looks like there is some glue residue in the back. Patch is very flexible, not stiff.


I would appreciate Any assistance.




Always looking for boxed or named pre WWII campaign medals, boxed navy medals and a DSC lapel pin.

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Sorry not a fan of this one, looks like a repro to me. A black light would for sure show if the threads are synthetic

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The threads on the parachute look odd as well as the diamond.

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+3. It should not have a white stabilizer seen on the reverse edges. Bad khaki base fabric too.


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Thanks everyone.


Pardon my ignorance, but can someone please explain about the "white stabilizer in the back"? I'm assuming that khaki base is the base fabric that the embroidery was done.


I'll do the black light test tonight and update.


Thanks a lot.

Always looking for boxed or named pre WWII campaign medals, boxed navy medals and a DSC lapel pin.

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Allow me Ocs.


See this edge encircled? it's a mesh material, this is what ocs was referring to as stabilizer, mesh sandwiched along with the khaki base cloth to give better strength to overall base of patch as it's being embroidered.





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