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290th Engineer Battalion "C" Company ETO Bring Back

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I picked up this nice 32 Caliber Ortgies war trophy bring back on gunbroker a few weeks ago. What was interesting to me was that the capture papers were signed by an officer in his unit. There were some documents that came along with the auction such as paper work from the new York State Police when he registered it. Also when it was gifted to someone else after his death in 1984. I am trying to find out more about this soldier. I searched his records on line and found some partial information. He was only 66 when he passed. I would love to hear the story on how he acquired it. I have his daughters address although its from 1984. I also plan on trying to locate the man who the gun was gifted to. The custom grips have his initials on it plus the 7th Army symbol. I assume the other side of the grips has something to do with his engineer Battalion. Maybe it the 290th's unit patch ( designation?) If anyone has any information on it please let me know. I really find the capture papered weapons to be so interesting. I know there are forgeries out there but this one I feel is legit. Enjoy guys!













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Hey M1Thompsonlover. I loved seeing this. I also have a bring back piece from the 290th. They were one of the units to reach the Berchtesgaden/Berghof area in May, 45. I have a single small size Meissen china cup in the "Red dragon" pattern that was brought home with a bunch of other pieces by Joe Johnson also a member of the 290th. Use of this pattern at the Eagles Nest is well documented in both NSDAP records as well as photos. My buddy has most of the other pieces that Mr. Johnson brought home. He must have been into souvenirs as there is a newspaper article showing a picture of him with said Meissen as well as a bunch of other artifacts that have been scattered to the wind. Anyway, thanks for sharing your pistol with us. I really like it and having it along with the capture document makes it so much more interesting in my opinion.


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Wow. Your GI and the one who brought back my 1907 Dreyse, (Richard Zeman) must have gone to the same maker for their grips. I have no additional information on Zeman.attachicon.gif20180509_155457-619x477-464x358.jpgattachicon.gif20180509_154738-711x553-533x415.jpg


Yes same guy made both sets I agree. I was going to post on your thread as soon as I saw it. Too bad you don't have have any addition info on you vet.

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