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US Coast Guard USCG Officers Visor Cap Hat Badge


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I can't find a thread here on the forum for USCG U.S. Coast Guard Officer's Visor Cap or Hat badges only CPO ones so I am going to start my own with this stunning Blackinton Officer's Cap Badge that came off of a WW2 era Berkshire Cap Visor Cap after alot of work. The badge had been on there so long that both (it has two) screwbacks were frozen but I was finally able to get them loose to remove it from the hatband to see who the maker was. Stamped into the eagle's wing back is "BLACKINTON" under several letters and numerals I can't quite make out while it has "STERLING" on the anchor. The detail is amazing with every feather detailed and the claws 3-D like coming in over the anchor shaft separately. Enjoy the pictures and interested in what everyone thinks of it.






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Nice badge! Just a note about getting frozen nuts off cap badges and side buttons. I've had good luck with Kroil penetrating oil - just put a drop on the threads and let it soak in overnight and the verdigris should soften up enough to loosen easily.

Looking for older Virginia Military Institute items: insignia, uniforms, cadet sabers, documents, and groupings belonging to VMI alumni.

Also interested in Virginia Reserve Militia (VRM) uniforms and insignia, or other items of general Virginia interest.

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An interesting variation to note in the detail in the chief portion of the shield.. The stars are arranged with 6 in the upper row and seven in the lower row...


Other manufacturers have variations with the stars arranged seven above six...

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Thanks and I never noticed that variation of the number of stars so thanks for pointing that out. I wonder if that is a period change or just a manufacturing variation. Either way cool catch and thanks.

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