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Modified A&K airsoft M60s


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I recently got 2 A&K M60s so I could modify them as SEALs did during Vietnam. Some of the parts needed to modify these airsoft 60's are VERY hard to get but by luck I ended up getting them. I spent WAY more for the REAL 60 parts than I did for BOTH 60s which I got off EBAY for around $200 each.


This one is modded by shortening the barrel, adding a real M60 trigger grip(all the airsoft internal parts fit right in) and one of the end caps that door gunners used on their 60's. These are VERY hard to find and do not just slide right on. I had to do some serious filing of the airsoft frame as it is is wider than a real M60 frame to make this end cap fit correctly. I have pics of SEALs using these end caps on their 60s around the 70/71 time frame.


Another thing I had to find was the magazine hanger/latch to attach the various canvas and nylon ammo bags. These are fairly pricey as well. I have seen SEAL 60s in Nam without this latch since they just fed the belts loose. C-rat cans were used with these hanger/latches as well which there plenty of pics of but I have never seen SEALs do this.


This and the other one below with be used for future UDT/SEAL displays.



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This one is modded as SEALs started doing in 1970. Same barrel and trigger grip mods were done. I removed the heat shield/hand guard and fabricated a grip made from a cut down M16 grip attached to a piece of cut down aluminum tubing and clamped on the op rod tube with standard hose clamps which is pretty much done exactly like SEALs did. Some guys used a spare M60 trigger grip as well. Since I had to remove the gas tube brackets on the barrels to get them shortened. on this one I used a hand grenade ring when I put the bracket back on so the strap could be attached.


One of the hardest things to find is the rubber door gunners boot. Again, dumb luck was on my side and I ended up getting 3 of them over the course of about 6 months. One came from a SEAL from Whiskey platoon at Solid Anchor 70/71 that used one on his 60. That is in my collection. I have seen some insane prices on these boots but I paid peanuts by comparison.


Again a magazine hanger/latch was used. I have a backpack rig that was given to me by a VN era SEAL that is mounted on a rucksack frame with flex feed tubing that be used on either on of these.


These airsoft 60s are not exactly correct to what a REAL M60 looks like in some ways but it is the best that I will be able to do.

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Damn Spike! You put a lot of job in these 2 babies. Looks great. Nothing else to complete a well made display then a few badas* hardware.


I got a buddy here in Sweden that modifies AS (airsoft) guns with real parts, that he buys from a well known German shop. Usually he drives down to Germany buys the guns (AK's , USI , M16 , K98) and strip them right there in the shop. Parts that he can't take to Sweden due to our gun restrictions, he just leave at the shop. He gotten so good at this, made a name for him self, that others pay him for making modifications on AS guns.


Again, great looking mods.


Looking forward to seeing the displays.




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Spike, they look awesome! Ironically, I just ordered an A&K airsoft M60 yesterday. I just plan to weather the finish for display. Are these weathered? If so, what exactly did you do? Thanks.

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