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Show your original WW2 photos of 'jeeps'


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Here's the 464th Fighter Squadron CO's jeep on Ie Shima in August 1945. I've got a shot of a slatty in Korea in 1951 as well, but I can't put my hands on it right now.


Note the civvy tries, a common modification for jeeps starting right at the end of hostilities (and sometimes earlier for rear-echelon assigned ones).

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I've got a shot of my granddad's jeep (F/330th Infantry) in the summer of 44 with one civilian tire and mud flaps.

In memory of 1LT Julius C. Goldman, XO of F/330th, 83rd Infantry Division 1944-45.

Looking for ETO/MTO P-47 and Tactical Reconnaissance Unit photographs and any items associated with WWII Jewish fighter pilots.

Curator of Arms & Armor at the National Museum of the Marine Corps


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From what I have read over the years is that, The Life Expectancy of any Army vehicle was 6 weeks. Not that they were built to last only that. War has it's dangers.....

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