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Show of Shows 2017- Real Time

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Always looking for uniquely marked helmets, WWI and WWII American Field Service items, WWII and earlier USMC items and named or numbered medals and medal groups.



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Have had fun reading these and reliving the experience! I have attended the show several times and unfortunately this year I could only make it on Thursday. I did bring a friend along who had never been and it was fun watching his head explode when he walked into the hall! O.K. with that said just a few minor observations: on the down side - in all my years attending I have never seen so many tables covered on Thursday. I also had numerous issues with dealers being away from their tables and then never returning. In several cases it took three trips back (or more) to connect...and in two cases they never returned. I understand people want to shop/visit, etc. but at the very least throw up a sign saying "back at _____" or call my cell at this number, etc. Finally, I was a bit disappointed on people closing shop at the 4:15/4:30 mark. There were a few dealers I wanted to re-visit but were "closed." Now on the up side. Well run as always; great selection; prices were all over from way overpriced to under priced...you just had to look; the dealers I interacted with were off the chart friendly; found some pretty cool things for my collection; and most importantly, had a great time!

I should add I have already started saving for next year and would love to make it a three day affair!



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I've been going to six or seven years now and as always, I enjoy it, and generally do well. I did exceptionally well this year, although only half of my finds are US-related. I came out with two P.08 trommel magazines, with dust covers and MP18 adapters for $1500 for the pair, a nice shaved Webley MKVI for $700, a Mauser WTP with holster for $275, a very nice guard-marked Kinfolks M3 for $350, an equally nice picked bone handle (with bail) M2 for $300, a very clean "Circle W" M1917 bayonet for $325 (one of two I found at the show), a few patches and DIs, a $20 M1 bayonet scabbard (I forget the maker right now), and an early MKII grenade with some traces of red paint for $95.

Some great deals, some OK deals, catching up with old friends and making some new friends - As always, the Show of Shows was a hit for me.

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There was someone at my table every minute.

I have been trying to buy off one table(s) for 3 years and there is NEVER a person there. People are waiting around for any one to show up but nothing. How do they not have problems with thief? I don't even stop anymore.Each to their own, I guess.


To that wonderful fellow who took the time to explain to my daughter about S&W Victory Pistols........Thank you SO much! This was an exceptional buying experience for her and she will always remember this moment and her "new" Victory! At 24 she is getting a pretty nice collection. Her sister picked up a nice K98 Sniper rifle for HER collection, too. They figured out that they better buy now and not wait until they have other financial obligations. Guess they figured that I may live longer than they thought and might as well buy some stuff!

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