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Graves Registration Manuals & Items


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Map drawn by Eng or GRS shortly after November 11 1918 in order to locate temporary graves of deceased US dougboys during Argonne offesive






GRS ID of one of the unfortunate friends of Sgt Alvin York KIA Oct 8th 1918 Chatel Chéhéry France


Murray Savage Co G 328 Inf





Savage temporary grave on "York's Hill"


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Thanks for posting.


Here is a caption and an image from:

Headquarters Army Service Forces

Office Chief of Chaplains, Washington D.C.

Circular Letter No 292, Addenda, January 1, 1945 page 3-4.

"Burials Outside Continental Limits of United States: Your attention is invited to AR 30-1810, 8 December 1944 in reference to burials outside the Continental limits of the United States. The Graves Registration Chart on the next page in reference to this subject was prepared and submitted by the Chaplains of the Antiaircraft Artillery School, Camp Davis, North Carolina."


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Here is a dog tag to an Officer that died in a hospital in Germany (Pneumonia) during the occupation, December 1918.


You can see where nails held the dog tag on the wooden cross.







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