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Helmet Glass Display Case


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My local Macy's is going out of business.

I stopped by there a few times and noticed a nice glass display.

I finally talked the fixtures guy down to a reasonable price.

The catch was that I had to disassemble it and then reassemble it back at my house.

It was a helluva lot of work.

I hope you all think it was worth it.

For what it is worth, the lady there told me that it was a towel display.


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Looks great!

One recomendation. I'd shorten the wire on the patch frames. Then it will not be exposed. I like your room (museum) I have the same Navy Victrola. I stack my foot lookers the same way....Cool I used Ikea shelving around the top too. LOL

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It would be hard to find a display rack better suited to helmets. I can see that assembling it must have been a chore. (...and when you decide helmets aren't your thing you've got one nice place to display your towels).

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Thanks for the kind words.

Maybe I will shorten the wires. That would probably make it look better.

Oh. 268th what makes you think it is a Navy Victrola?

I never really knew for sure.

I actually have two of them. The other one is a little larger.

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Cap Camouflage Pattern I

Yes! The best I have ever seen! And I am not exagerating.


> The perfect size for helmets


> Keeps the dust off


>Doesn't block the view


>Looks great

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