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M1897 leggings used by the doughboys?

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I have been looking for information about doughboys using the M1897 leggings either state-side (in training) or once first arriving in France. However I have not found any information. So I am looking for any images or documents or anything of any sort that would help me in my quest.

Thanks in advance,

~G. Moore.


Looking for items from the following U.S. Regiments:

  • Company F, 112th Engineers - 1914-1918.
  • Company C, 3 Prov Regiment 156 Depot Brigade - 1914-1918.
  • I Company I Dev Battalion 156 Depot Brigade - 1914-1918.
  • Company E 2 Prov Regiment 156 Depot Brigade - 1914-1918.
  • Co 8 Dev Battalion 156 Depot Brigade - 1914-1918.
  • Headquarters Company, 322nd Infantry. - 1914-1918.
  • 593 Section U.S. Ambulance - 1914-1918.

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You see photos of National Guard troops and some regulars wearing what appear to be the 1897/98 leggings during the Border Crisis. At the end of the Punitive expedition, in September 1916, the Quartermaster Department did a review of equipment. It was found that the 1910 and 1907 leggings were totally lacking, and the leather Cavalry leggings were universally despised. The decision was made to reissue the 1897/98 leggings on trial. The units involved in this test were the 11th Cavalry, 6th Infantry, 5th Field Artillery, 16th Cavalry, 37th Infantry, 7th Field Artillery. The result of this was the readoption of those leggings in the form of the 1916/17 dismounted and mounted canvas leggings. With all of those leggings in the supply chain, one would think that you might see some in pictures of the training camps, at least. The 1910 leggings appear to be pretty much universal going into the War, though.

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