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How to replace a stacked leather handle

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this has turned into scabbard week. Had orders placed for 5 in one day. Here are 3 I worked on yesterday. Still have to add the belt slots & keeper to the double stitched Western copy I'm making for the L-71 I did the handle on earlier in the thread.




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Those are actually a N.O.S. batch of originals I got my hands on awhile back. Not sure what I'll do when those are gone. Tandy has some that are just a hair larger (identical to the ones on my original PAL RH-37 sheath) but the legs are too short. I may play around & see if I can attach the heads onto something with longer legs.

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Yes, I've seen it done where the rivet was only crimped to the top piece of leather because the legs where too short. Not really accomplishing anything. Lately I've modified posts for rapid rivets that originally came with 1/4" heads to fit a 3/16" head that came with posts that are too short to use on my work. They look pretty good on top and no one who knows what they're looking at should confuse it with something original. Where there's a will there's a way. I'm looking into making my own diamond shaped staples out of thin steel stock to simulate the type found on many of the M6 type sheaths. Didn't know I'd drift into metal working when I started playing with leather.


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I am having the problem of sourcing the proper rivets for a Mark 2 sheath I'm building. If anyone has a source for blackened brass split rivets, I'm all ears.

Here is the sheath, ready for stitching and rivets:



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