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WWII Marine Canteen Set

Red Devil

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Found this one at auction this last weekend, tucked away in a crate of modern field gear. I've been looking for one for a long time!


2nd pattern cover, no hole in the bottom. I cannot make out any markings on the belt, and the canteen is dated 1944. The best part is that all three components are marked to the same person. A preliminary search locates a vet with this name on the muster rolls, but I haven't been able to see the entries. Any help would be appreciated!



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I'm going to throw a WAG here and say that these rather ambitious markings are from a Boy Scout from sometime between the late 1940's and now.

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when i was a kid

our cub pack and boyscout troop was affiliated with my church who had a following with a near by military housing unit, Mitchel Field


we were lucky because of the generosity of the military to allow us access to gear no longer considered serviceable.


my war belt and canteens were ww2 with all sorts of markings , but i did not know back in 1970 as a child anything other than it was military gear.


naturally, we would put our own markings on them


god bless the servicemen who were with my childhood


semper fi

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