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To Friarchuck - I don't have any information on the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal ribbon, I too have seen this before but have no explanation.

Yes, I had the entire group for sale on the forum for about a month and a half with no luck. As a life long collector of groupings I have come to grips eventually with the fact that it is hard to find a buyer for large extensive groupings. Everyone has their niche collectible as many are not willing to devote the money and / or space to big groups. All pieces so far of this grouping have gone to forum buyers which is ideal. With what I consider important groupings I try to photograph and share it in its entirety first so whats in in is documented and all can enjoy the history. If I sell I try to sell as a whole, many times for less than the sum or it's parts but if that fails I'm OK with many interested parties being able to enjoy and preserve the pieces. I make sure the history of the veteran is passed along with each item. The idea of keeping groupings intact is noble but in reality is not always feasible and maybe not always the best outcome as some great groupings wind up getting re-buried in one persons collection / vault. My 2 cents..


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