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90th BG 320th Sqdrn "Moby Dick" help.

Cpl. Punishment

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Cpl. Punishment

Hey guys,


An uncle of mine, 1st Lt. Paul F. Sayre of Athens County Ohio, served as a pilot of a B-24 liberator in the 5th AAF from 1942-1943. Sadly, he was killed in early 1943. All that we have left of him is his named and cased purple heart medal with his cased air medal with oakleaf cluster along with some photos and paperwork.


I am wondering if there is anybody out there with any 320th bomber squadron items they might part with. It is a very important piece of my collecting and I can't seem to find any items from his bomb group.


Thanks all!

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Moby Dick was one of the most famous planes in the 320th. There was a book written about the 320th by the title of "Moby Dick" in honor of the most famous plane in the squadron. Unfortunately, the book is out of print. Here is a photo I found on the internet of your uncles B-24.

I am currently doing more research on the plane. Coltie ;)


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Johnny Signor

Here's images of the rare & early 320th bombardment squadron and the better known latter version,and their "Jolly Rogers" version, I can make you nice leather patches of each if you would want them done.......




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