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Post your Post 1958 Corporal Stripes in Use Photos

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Here are two shots of Drill Corporals in an AIT company at Fort Polk in 1969. I'm not sure if they are the same person but in any event the pictures both came from the same yearbook. Note in one photo he is wearing pin on subdued rank while in the other it is full color sleeve insignia.



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Here's one, a Cpl of Artillery, unit is the 2nd Bn 13th Artillery, II Field Force vietnam Artillery sometime in 1969. Of note, on close examination, these stripes are U.S. made cut downs, cut down from a higher NCO grade set.





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This is from an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Yeees :lol:


While I did this one essentially as a goof, it does bring up a question, why not Corporals as tankcrewman, they had Spec 5s right, like say they make the Corpral a gunner, or in some cases a driver, and in other cases making him a TC.

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4th Battalion 47th Infantry 9th Infantry Division at Fort Riley, KS - 1966



He's wearing only one patch, no tapes either hmm. A bet, he's a trainee and a temp squad leader, here he just tacked on the stripes rather that having a brassard.


When the 9th Inf Div was reactivated at Ft Riley February 1966, it literally had hundreds of enlistees and draftees assigned directly to it, it was here these trainees got both their Basic and AIT, I believe however this pertained only to 11B and 11C trainees, the others, like Engineers, Signals, Finance etc, even Artillery came to the division after their very specific and detailed branch AIT.


There's that foto in Stanton's Vietnam Uniforms of these guys in AG44's being marched in formation by a Drill Sergeant in example.

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A Tunnel Rat of the 173rd Abn Bde, a Corp as we see, unit sub unknown. Wouldn't expect him to be a brigade pathfinder, maybe he's Arty? but would Artillerymen perform this duty, these guys where normally Infantry and or Engineers.

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This I did awhile back, we see Corporal as rank, I've been noticing while viewing this site that many E-3s of the U.S. Army, irregardless of branch, are posthumously promoted to Corporal in the grade E-4.



Posted 11 August 2013 - 12:41 PM

Here we see Corporal Richard L. Sanders, HHC 2/39th Inf around the fall of 1967, an unusual rank for a Medic, Cpl Sanders was KIA on November 24 1967.



Here his Wall Profile, on his Database Page it states he was an E-3 Pfc, perhaps his promotion to Corporal was posthumous.



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A more well known example is Terry Kawamura 173rd Engineer Company 173rd Airborne Brigade (Sep) MOH (Posth)




He was an Engineer and an E-3 at the time of actions that would see him awarded the Medal of Honor, but as we see his rank is given as Corporal E-4, even his citation gives it as Corporal!


For those who don't know how to view these pages, you must click on Full Profile to see service and causality record




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Here's an interesting one, and one we're able to get definitive ID on, (See Photo caption under image). These troops are from a XX Corps Reserve unit, the 196th Transportation Company, out of Ohio in the summer of 1966. As we see, there were exceptions to troops holding this Hard Stripe, making Corporal for whatever reason. As an aside, note that these troops are still wearing the Ridgway Cap, this being around three years after it was superseded by the new soft cap.



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