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Tigerstripe SF party jacket

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I picked this item up in a trade deal and would like opinions, All is direct embroidered insignia and name tapes Etc, No label or other markings. I appreciate any help.post-3440-0-65667100-1486136475_thumb.jpgpost-3440-0-86153900-1486136504_thumb.jpgpost-3440-0-18995200-1486136532_thumb.jpg OK photo #3 wouldn't take. Being rather not sharp with this I will start another topic to add photo #3


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Is this Cambodian sewing ?


It looks Vietnamese hand embroidery, but when I looked at it the first time, the yellow SF SSI, sure reminded me of some FANK direct embroidered uniforms I have seen.


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I looked through all the Who's Who, green beret mags and raddixpress but found no Cheney. But doesn't mean it's not still an ok piece.


'A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon'


Always looking for Vietnam War US Special Forces/MACV-SOG jungle shirts/uniforms and OG107 Shirts/uniforms.












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