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302 Field Artillery Battalion guidons, HQ, Service and Battery C


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I got this group recently. It's amazing that they stayed together for all of these years. They are WW2 era flags, mostly in decent shape. The HQ one has some repairs from a frayed end, but the others look nearly mint. The 302nd saw action in Europe in the spring of 1945 and was attached to the 76th infantry. They were issued 105mm howitzers and apparently saw some combat, as I found a "together we served" page about a man who was KIA. I would love to hear more about this unit if anyone has info.


Japanese American KIA. Awarded the silver star while his family was in a camp in Arkansas. The camp didn't close until movement 1945, so it's possible that his family was notified about their son's combat death while surrounded by barbed wire.




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Thanks all. I like guidons like these, ones that can be traced to a specific period of time. While the 302nd was involved in both world wars, these flags clearly date to the WW2 period or after. It also appears that the unit no longer existed once the war ended, thereby providing a terminus point, meaning that they are almost certainly the wartime issued flags.


I have no idea how they stayed together, but it is cool. I have a couple of other flags that are from the same units, but were separated by time and then reconnected with my efforts. If I let them go, I'll certainly keep you in mind carbinephalen.

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