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2 Leather patches for good friend/veteran ......

Johnny Signor

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Johnny Signor

Here are 2 leather patches I made for a good friend & Viet Nam veteran who's an avid WW2 collector and enthusiast, the first patch(Popeye) was made for him in honor of his dad's Ww2 service ( his dad passed awhile back), served on the USS Princeton CVL-23, the other for his eve growing collection of patches I've done for him over the last 5-6 years (about 200 now) the second patch, 82nd "Strafin' Saints" Tac.Recon Squadron, he has the patches matted/framed along with autographs he gets from veterans he meets at shows etc , and then has photo of the vet or vets aircraft etc and the patch done up .....


Enjoy :)




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