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A.E.F. Camouflage “Combat” Helmets

world war I nerd

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This image has absolutely nothing to do with this topic except for the fact that it bears the word "camouflage". But it is however, vaguely relevant to the small portion of text regarding the "Window Dressers" of the AEF as it appears to be the HQ or office of the camouflage officer of an unknown regiment.


Not sure if the numeral "32" within the triangle painted near the apex of the roof is a clue or not. Also just above the Engineer's castle on the front door is a three digit number that could be anything between 102 and 109. Below the castle is the word "Capt." followed by the illegible surname of the presumed officer in charge, which begins with the letter "C" (I think).


Can anybody decipher the unit or the officer of "Chateau Camouflage"?

It looks like a painted TENT.


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agate hunter

Helmet I got today, I really like the colors on this one and the Eagle and flag add a nice touch as well. Helmet has no liner.


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Here is my latest example of a painted or “camouflage” helmet. These colors are more subdued, not garish like the souvenir types.









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Very excited to follow this thread!  Received a camouflaged m1917 helmet in excellent condition this week that I think represents this topic very well. It's a muted four-color scheme (tan, brown, reddish-brown, olive) with panels separated with black paint that was allowed to run. It looks like the color choices were influenced by what the germans were wearing, and I believe the loose application of the black suggests the paint was applied for pratical purposes and not carefully executed to closely mimic expected/desirable patterns favored by souvenir hunters.  No name or unit marking is present. The overall completeness and condition (plus waited for years to obtain one) makes this one of my "top lids". (PS - helmet is dull, not shinny as the photos appear - I had placed it in direct light for photography). Enjoy, Ed






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My grandfathers well-preserved helmet. He served with AEF,  Co K 161st Infantry (15Nov1917 to 27June1918) then with Co G 102nd Infantry – 26th Division from 27Jun1918 to 17Jul1919.





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